Thomas Backhuys, Ph.D.IT Consultant since 2019



  • 2 state examinations
  • Ph.D. in Classical Philology, University of Cologne

Further Qualifications

  • content management for websites (Typo3)
  • text coding with TEI-XML
  • reflectance transformation imaging (RTI, also: polynomial texture mapping)

Tasks at Schäfer Informatik

  • development of an XML-based tool for an automatic preparation of information and contract documents (XML, HTML, PDF)
  • development and design of interfaces for data input of our own tools (xaml, C#)
  • technical documentations
  • tests and test environments in the field of mobile communications

Work Experience

  • 5 years as part of the editorial staff at a journal
  • 4 years as part of the scientific-technical staff on a research project at the University of Cologne