We offer you a multitude of services. Our services are not only for large companies, but also for medium-sized costumers an interesting opportunity. We want to help you to transform your project (or projects) purposefully and successfully – and beyond that – and also to act in an advisory capacity. In the following links, you will find services fitting to your company.

Here you will find an overview of the services that primarily for mayor companies :

Schaefer Informatik structures your projects based on years of experience, to ensure an uniform reporting and a comprehensible controlling of improvement. It enables you to keep an overview atop the limits of a project and secures that all projects strategically contribute to major programs.

Your projects are in good hands with Schaefer Informatik. The application of acknowledged standards and “best practices”, as well as a lot of engagement and creativity, make successful project execution across departmental boundaries possible. A good and skilled, as well as optimized controlling, should simplify processes and provide security to ensure that your project stays well-structured and measurable.

Projects can and should only yield what belongs to their scope. Especially at the beggining of a project the analysis of business lays an important groundwork for the further course of the project. Has everything been thought of? Are all demands taken into consideration? Is every relevant specialty department involved? The later it is recognized that important sections of the analysis were overlooked, the more expensive the corrections will be. Because of the analytic competence of our team, we can optimize the organization of your project by finding mistakes and initiate solutions. Schäfer Informatik applies its experiences, which were gained in many years of the analysis of businesses – not only at the beggining of your project, but to its successful finalization.

Schäfer Informatik gives you advice on IT systems, IT-processes and communication technologies and helps you to advance your projects.

Schäfer Informatik offers you an optimization of tools to facilitate your business procedures and project work.

Here you will find an overview of the services that primarily for middle class companies :

We offer our middle class customers “made-to-measure” solutions especially in the department of project management. Between the product project and the change project our employees care for a trouble-free and reliable process. In cooperation, goals are recognized and defined and solutions developed and implemented.

Our employees build and care for necessary project documents:

  • Duties record books
  • Timetables
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • etc.

Not every project needs a daily presence of an external project leader. Nevertheless, to be able to transform projects professionally, also Schäfer Informatik offers management activities in flexible part-time-solutions.

Through the external point of view and many years of project experiences your company makes profit of well-studied methods and tools and that for a fraction of the costs, that a full-time consultant would do.

At regular intervals (e. g. once a week) the current status of the work packages will be checked from your teams and edited clearly for the management.

Quality is free” – Yes!

We do not want to be a cost factor, but rather reduce your costs because we are well networked, can implement the work quickly and deliver optimum quality with a high level of know-how.

Of course, we will always inform you about the project status – transparent, realistic and fair – always with the goal in mind that your project will be reliably completed in the shortest possible time.

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